Best Neck Pillow

Traveling could actually take a toll, as well as being exhausted is the last point you wish to feel after ultimately reaching your destination.

However obtaining sufficient remainder while obtaining from one location to one more could be hard with confined seats or loud fellow guests.

Fortunately, these travel cushions supply some much needed support so you can relax easy and also show up rejuvenated.

Keep reading to see the 8 most innovative traveling cushions that can alter your trip experience, despite how you rest on the aircraft.
Traveling pillows can make an airplane trip or long bus trip that bit a lot more comfy. Determining just what is the best traveling pillow for you can be challenging. There are a number of different designs and also materials to select from and also not all types will certainly help every person.
Many individuals cannot be troubled, declaring that travel cushions are inefficient. Sadly, these people have typically just attempted the easy inflatable neck cushions– there are a whole range of types as well as options that they could discover more comfy. Some of the very best traveling pillows 2017 offer consist of back styles to offer best support,

If you’re interested in selecting the most effective aircraft cushion after that read our guide below with travel pillow examines to help you determine just what is the most effective traveling cushion for you.

For weeks now, I’ve been in searching for the best neck pillow. So far I have these 3 that I can directly compare. They all have their pros and cons.

All of them also have:
– Removable covers that are washable.
– A carrying pouch. In various shapes and sizes.
– And are all made of memory foam.

So now on to the differences.

Unfortunately, the Best Bamboo Travel Pillow ( is my least favorite of the 3. I will say IT IS the best looking of the bunch. But sadly it gives the least amount of support. It’s too soft and basically squishes under pressure. It’s too bad too, I really like how it looks, I like how it’s lightweight and has the plastic string locks where I can adjust the tightness. I can’t really recommend this. But for what it’s worth, it does come with complimentary ear plugs and an eye mask. Not that it matters LOL.

The travel pillow by Cabeau Evolution ( has a very unique design. For one, the back is flat – which can be great for airline seats. Most neck pillows have padding in the back. When seated, this extra padding can push your head more forward, making it slightly uncomfortable. That’s not the case for this pillow. Also, the side walls extend higher than most of the competition. Initially, it seemed nice and cozy. But after a while, it felt kind of claustrophobic and stuffy. What doesn’t help either is the lack of a cooling gel. It gets kind of warm and you’re more prone to sweat inside. If you use large, over ear phones, you probably don’t want this. Earbuds are the only way to go for this design. One feature it has the others don’t is the phone pocket on the side. Although, it won’t fit large phones like my Galaxy Note 4. I only recommend this if you really hate the idea of your head being pushed forward. And if you don’t mind this pressing up against your head, ears and cheek – this might be the one for you.

Now onto my favorite pillow (so far). The Enzo Travel Neck Pillow. It’s nice and firm. Provides very good support for your neck and head. I love using this while watching TV on the couch or while typing on my home computer. Majority of the time I use it while in bed. Just fasten the front snap button and it will stay around your neck while you sleep. That’s probably my only complaint. I wish it used the plastic string lock used on other travel pillows. It’s just more secure. But as long as you don’t twist and turn too much, it will stay where you left it the following morning. I definitely recommend this for home use. For travel, just be aware it’s a little heavier than the others and the extra padding back may push your head forward. But at home, it’s the best because you basically have a constant neck rest wherever you go. Also the cooling gel makes it feel nice and fresh every time you use it. And using large headphones is not a problem. Overall, I really like this design. I only wish it had the string locking mechanism. But then again, this little button does the job and doesn’t dangle (in the way) like the others.

It comes in two colors. Red and grey.